Neva Hydroponic Farms is owned and operated by Pat and Cammie Wohlgemuth. Located in the country, close to the town of Landmark, we are just 35 minutes southeast of the city of Winnipeg. We are a family Farm, in operation twelve months of the year.

Hydroponics literally means “water working” but, in practical use, it means growing plants in a nutrient solution without soil. The soil isn’t required for plant growth but the elements, minerals, and nutrients that soil contains are. Soil is simply the holder of the nutrients, a place where the plant roots traditionally live and a base of support for the plant structure. By eliminating the soil, you eliminate soil borne diseases and weeds and gain precise control over the plants nutritional diet. In a hydroponic solution, you provide the exact nutrients your plants need in precisely the correct ratios so they can develop stress-free, mature faster and, at harvest are the highest quality possible.



Lettuce, Herbs, & Specialty Greens Locally Grown, Fresh, year round!