Advantages of Neva Hydroponic Greenhouse Produce;

1.  Locally grown fresh produce, from a family farm.

2.  Clean packaging facilities, clean growing environment.

3.  Plants grow in water, no washing or rinsing necessary, no soil or manure used for growing the lettuce .

4.  All fertilizers used are just refined forms (water soluble) of regular fertilizers to feed the plants.

5.  Fresh, delivered direct to stores, warehouse, no long distance shipping.

6.  No chemicals used, bugs are controlled by other bugs!

7.  Diseases are controlled by using sound agronomic practices, e.g. proper nutrition, ventilation, relative humidity etc.

8.  All seed is certified non GMO.
Click here to view GMO statement (PDF)
Click here to view Seed Quality Assurance Letter (PDF)

9.  Environmentally friendly growing systems, minimal water usage, greenhouse environment is computer controlled to maximize efficient use of electricity and heating.

10.  Recycle packaging.

11.  OFFS (On Farm Food Safety) certification which is a Tri level (federal, provincial & Canadian Horticulture Council) 3rd party food safety initiative.
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12.  Taste the difference. Lettuce, Herbs, & Specialty Greens Locally Grown, Fresh, year round!



Lettuce, Herbs, & Specialty Greens Locally Grown, Fresh, year round!